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Reports are generated tables of data that are saved in a pdf format and emailed to the user(s). Reports can be set up to automatically generate at specific days, intervals, or generate manually. The reports contain various information about your systems including, but not limited to, setting points, alarm status, and overridden status. The reports can also contain averaged or totalled information such as average run time of a system or total run time for a week. The information on the reports is set when your station is created by Control Systems Consultants. We offer various reports including energy analytics.

How To Set Up

Image 1-1 | Station home page with report setup highlighted.

To configure your reports settings you must be on the home page of your station (A on image 1-1). On the home page click the Report Setup button (B on image 1-1). This will cause the Report Setup pop-up window to appear.

The Report Setup (image 1-2) page is divided into four sections; Time Trigger, Email, Request Report Now, and Notes.


Depending on which type of report you receive (such as energy analytics) some of these features may be disabled.

Image 1-2 | Report setup pop-up window.

Time Trigger


This section allows you to configure when or if an automatic report is generated. This is done using the Trigger Mode pull down menu. It has three options: manual, daily, and interval. All three options display when the last report was sent and when the next one will be generated.

Manual: This option disables all automatically generated reports. To learn how to manually generate a report see the section titled Request Report Now on this page. See image 2-1.

Image 2-1 | Time trigger manual mode setup.

Daily: This option generates a report on selected days of the week. The time the report is generated can be set in the Time Of Day field. The Randomization feature will randomly modify the time of generation by up to the amount entered into the field. Normally this is left at default 0 min/sec. The Days Of Week allows one to set which days of the week the reports are generated. This is done by checking the days desired. See image 2-2.

Image 2-2 | Time trigger daily mode setup.

Interval: This option generates a report after set spaces of time. The time in-between generation can be set in the Interval field. The Time Of Day field allows you to set what time of the day the intervals begin and stop generating. The Time Of Day option must be check to function otherwise the reports will generate with no pauses based on the Interval setting. The Days Of Week allows one to set which days of the week the reports are generated. This is done by checking the days desired. See image 2-3.

Image 2-3 | Time trigger interval mode setup.


The save button must be pressed after making any changes to the settings or they will revert back to the previous setting once the Report Setup pop-up page is closed.



This is where the recipients of the reports are set up at. This set up is the same as addressing an email. There are three fields where email addresses can be entered in; To, CC,and BCC. See image 3-1.

To: This field is where the email of the primary recipient(s) is placed.

CC: This stands for Carbon Copy. This field is where the email address is inputted of any one you want a copy of the report sent to.

BCC: This stands for Blind Carbon Copy. BCC is a copy of an email message sent to a recipient whose email address does not appear in the message. This is in contrast to To and CC recipients, whose addresses do appear in the respective header lines. This field is where the email address is inputted of any one you wanted a blind carbon copy of the report sent to.

Image 3-1 | Email editing fields.


You can address the reports to multiple people by pressing the "+" on the desired email type. This will create a new field to input a different email address. To remove an email address simply press the "-" button next to the field you wish to remove.


Request Report Now


This section contains a button titled Generate Report that when pressed generates a report and sends it to all email recipients. This feature can be used at any time even if the Time Trigger is set up to automatically generate a report. This feature operates separate to the automatic generation and will not affect its generation times. See image 4-1.

Image 4-1 | Report generation button.


The generation can take several minutes after pressing the button. If the email is not received immediately wait a couple of minutes before pressing the Generate Report button again. Multiple presses of the Generate Report button can cause multiple reports to be sent.



This section allows for custom notes to be made for the users benefit. For example a list of emails could be saved here for quick copy and paste. As with any field editing, the save button must be pressed to save any entered data or changes. See image 5-1.

Image 5-1 | Notes field.

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