Energy Analytics

Energy Analytics are a critical tool in reducing operating costs, meeting LEED or building code requirements and qualifying for rebates. However, the data received, processed and reported is only as good as equipment, energy management system and those who install it.

Control Systems Consultants is proud of our history and experience in this field. CSC can provide usage aggregation, metering & verification, sub-metering, load profiling and full BAS integration. With the use of E-Mon and Honeywell products, CSC can incorporate these services with Modbus, BACnet or LON based systems.

As the demand and requirements for energy analytics grows, the software, devices and reporting becomes increasingly complicated. Control Systems Consultants will customize a program to fit the needs of your building or institution as well as local building codes and/or LEED requirements.

Beyond code, LEED and/or rebate requirements, CSC is able to identify potential savings, equipment upgrades and service/replacement necessities before they become work stoppage issues. Whether electric consumption, gas, water, thermal or specific areas and equipment, CSC is able to provide a variety of products and programs to suit your specific needs.

If you can’t meter and analyze it, you can’t manage it.


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