About The Demo

The station is where the control for all of your diverse equipment manufactured by different companies finally comes together. You can now know how your entire building is functioning and make setting changes without having to leave your desk. Not at your desk? That’s not a problem. Your station can be set up to log into from any place you have internet access with any device that can browse the internet.

Not only is the station convenient for access but it is also easy to use. One of the most common responses of our customers is a surprise of how intuitive the station is. It is designed to be fast and responsive so you can make changes needed without wasting time. One of the reasons for this is we build custom graphics for each job to fit its needs.

The station monitors the equipment nonstop and collects data for analyzing. This data is displayed in many different ways including history logs, energy analytics, and equipment status. When the equipment does not function as desired it will generate alarms to inform you. Your equipment will have their own control page which will include interactive graphics & data, history logs/charts, customizable notes, and setpoint controls.

Movies have always show buildings completely controlled by one device and now that has become a reality. Control Systems Consultants is helping lead the controls industry into the future. The control station accomplishes this and more. Below is listed some of the features that the control system offers:

  • Programmable schedules for weekly, holiday, and special events control
  • Access with mobile devices
  • Generated Reports
  • Email Notification for alarms
  • History logs and history log table builder
  • 3D floor plans with zoning
  • Weekly weather forecast
  • Energy analytics
  • Customizable names and notes for equipment
  • Control documentation
  • Online training
  • More...

See A Working Demo

We would love the opportunity to show you a working demo of our station. Below is a form, please fill it out and submit. A representative of ours will contact you and give you a chance to see a working station.